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Valentine's Showcase

Hosted by @workinprogressnyc @personastudionyc
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The Valentine’s showcase invites participants to dive deeper into their journey with self love, hurt and healing through interaction with various art, installation and performance. Gallery start time - 7:30pm Performances - 8:30pm Persona is a shoes off, no-vaping space You must use the event link above to secure your spot: ~ What to expect ~ We will have creatives from various disciplines exhibit works of art related to their journey of self love and healing and moving away from the traditional and commercial aspects of this day. This would involve installation, theater, music and traditional art forms and invite the audience to go from being an observer, to participant, to creator. ~ What is work in progress ~ Work In Progress is a monthly series where interdisciplinary creatives share projects they’re working on for feedback and dialog. It’s a safe and conscious space focused on being raw and vulnerable with whatever stage of creation people are at instead of focused on presenting a finished and polished project. ~ For artists ~ If you want to present something at the event, use to sign up as an artist

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