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ATTENDEE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Make sure you are on a desktop computer, not your iPad or phone. You will need to be on a desktop/laptop to participate in this experience. 2. You will enter the metaverse space by clicking on the link, this is a web browser-based metaverse experience, and no VR headset is required. 3. Once you enter you will be able to move your avatar with the arrow keys and mouse. CLICK THE TWITCH SCREEN with your mouse and you will see/hear the live stream panel. How to sit down: You can click the ESC button to get access back to your mouse and can click the DANCE button on the bottom left to make your avatar sit down on one of the benches. 4. Click the KEYS button bottom left corner of the screen to find instructions on movements, how to fly etc. 5. If you get lost, or fall in the ocean and can't figure out how to get back--X out and simply rejoin via the link here and you will be brought right back to the panel area. 6. Top right corner there is a little controls icon that allows you to adjust the parcel audio. You want to make sure that is turned up so that you can hear the presentation which is being lived streamed via Twitch. ENTER HERE:,959S,7U APRIL 14TH | FREE TO THE PUBLIC STORYTELLING WITH COLLECTOR KITS PANEL MODERATED BY LAURA Ó REILLY 2:30-3:30 PM EST ARTIST PRESENTATIONS BY HAIBEI WANG, VANESSA ALBURY, FRENCH LEAVE, MERYL MEISLER, LAURA NOVA & MAICLEAR 4-5 PM EST ARTIST PRESENTATIONS BY LUCA LEE, COURTNEY HARMEL, GENEVA LEE ROBLES, DEV HARLAN, ABIGAIL CHILD, MARYA TRIANDAFELLOS & DEBRA SWACK 5-7 PM EST ARTIST TOURS/DANCE PARTY *STILL ON VIEW* AT THE BRIDGE ++ COMMUNITY CENTER: "DEMYSTIFYING NFTS: THE AWARD EXHIBITION" PRESENTED BY NEW YORK FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS (NYFA) IN PARTNERSHIP WITH LAURA Ó REILLY ‍ EXHIBITION FEATURES: VANESSA ALBURY, ARANTXA ARAUJO, HARPER BELLA, SEAN CAPONE, ABIGAIL CHILD, ADELFINO CORINO, GLADSTONE DELUXE, DOMÉNICA GARCÍA, DEV HARLAN, COURTNEY HARMEL, ROBIN KANG, FRENCH LEAVE (BONITA OLIVER), LUCA LEE, NYASHA MADAMOMBE, MAICLEAR, JOEY MAI, MERYL MEISLER, VINH MAI NGUYĒN, LAURA NOVA, DEMPSEY RICE, GENEVA LEE ROBLES, BARBARA ROSENTHAL, RUDOLPH SHAW, ERICA SHIRES, DEBRA SWACK, RICA TAKASHIMA, MARYA TRIANDAFELLOS, HAIBEI WANG, JILL WATERMAN & ROGER WHITE ‍ ‍ CONTACT: CONNECT@TECHNOLOGYGAP.EARTH | TWITTER: @LAURAOREILLYART RSVP FOR ACCESS & NFT LOTTERY WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON APRIL 15TH ‍

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