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DevDay x MultiOn API Hackathon

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We’re excited to welcome you to the DevDay x MultiOn AI hackathon hosted by Cerebral Valley and MultiOn AI ( Participants will get early access to new Agent releases from MultiOn such as their upcoming API, and other new tools from DevDay. Expect a lot of surprises and upcoming announcements!! You can reach to our our helpful AI to get info about the hackathon: You will receive hands-on support from our friends at OpenAI and MultiOn. Workshops during the day about DevDay releases and MultiOn API. Afterlife DJ Set 9PM - 11PM Winning teams will receive cash prizes and credits to kickstart their projects. Sponsors Include: Omneky ( Samsung Next ( CloudFlare ( E2B ( Polyfire ( AgentOps ( Judges Include: Div Garg (MultiOn) Omar Shaya (MultiOn) Naman Garg (MultiOn) Michele Catasta (Replit) Hikari Senju (Omneky) Jeremiah Owyang (Blitzscaling Ventures) Siamak Freydoonnejad (Campfire) Flo Crivello (Lindy) Victor Forissier (Polyfire) + others Places are limited. Apply now! -- Notes: 1. This event will be held in person, so we're unable to support remote teams. 2. Please try your best to form teams beforehand. 3. By signing up on the Partiful you agree to CV terms of service

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