Chrome textured organic shape that vaguely resembles the letter P

'人工アイ像' by Mario Klingemann

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​Bright Moments New York is hosting a spotlight event with Mario Klingemann on Tuesday, July 18th from 6-9pm. Mario is the artist behind '人工アイ像' which was recently minted during Bright Moments Tokyo. He is also the creator of Botto, a decentralized autonomous artist that creates works of art based on collective feedback from their community. We will be hosting a fireside chat with Simon Hudson from Botto starting at 6:30pm. The night will continue with time to socialize within the community and explore the exhibition. -- '人工アイ像' which could be translated as "Artificial Idol" is a series of sculptures that delve into the notion of artificial intelligence taking on the characteristics of a modern-day god. As technology continues to advance, machines and algorithms are increasingly playing a central role in our lives, shaping our perceptions of reality and influencing the course of human history. The series explores the ways in which artificial intelligence is taking on the qualities of a deity – seemingly all-mighty, sometimes inexplicable, and without a visible form.
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