AI Build: When to outsource vs hire.

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Join SF Founders Collective at AI SF for an exciting talk featuring Jozef Maruscak, Founding Partner of Sudolabs, as he discusses the pros and cons of outsourcing versus hiring in-house. Moderated by Gloria Felicia, this engaging conversation will explore when it's the right time for startups to make the switch and choose one over the other. Jozef managed to start multiple legal tech start-ups during his studies at Cambridge University, for which he received a Forbes 30 under 30 award. Venturing from the legal tech space into software development, Jozef co-founded Sudolabs and is currently leading business strategy and sales departments: Sudolabs is a go-to digital product-building studio dedicated to helping US startups and scale-ups build successful software products and scale to millions of users. In the past 3 years, Sudolabs has worked with some of the best startups in the US, their clients raising tens of millions from the best funds in Silicon Valley and YC: SF Founders Collective brings together the brightest minds in the Bay Area's startup ecosystem, including founders, investors, VCs, and innovators & is powered by Sudolabs. The talk will be followed by a Google workshop and happy hour sponsored by us.

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