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Climate Pints

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Come one, come all, come welcome in the fall 🍂🍁 , with us - a chill gathering of climate folks ⛄. Raise a hot toddy, while El Niño gently simmers us away towards the hottest October on record 🌍🔥. All are welcome! Scientists, finance people, NGO people, treehouse enthusiasts, compost geeks, government and policy nerds, engineers ♻️, foresters, ecologists🦎, climate techies, geoengineers, carbon capture fairies 🏭 ... anyone interested in things. It’s time to turn up the heat and break the ice on climate group beer therapy. We're mixing science with 'spirits', and a bit of seance, in an atmosphere so electric that you'll wonder if you’ve stumbled into a severe convective storm ⚡︎! Sip and Sync: Network with like-minded greenies 🌿 . Bring friends, climate comrades, puns, anecdotes, problems, projects and projections🌪️. Free beer is available for high-quality "climate bangers" 🌳. Disclaimer: 1 beer will be given for the leading banger. Beer will be of typical dimensions. Example bangers include, cool looking figures or plots, climate tidbits, puns, facts or trivia, absurd climate solutions, upcycled everyday wear, other forms of cycles, a damp stick you just found, earthship blue prints.
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