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Highland Park Hellbender

Hosted by Davis IL + Gram of Horrors
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* FREE HOUSE SHOW * ADDRESS SHARED SOON: 90042 ________________________ 🎴LINEUP🎴 MACKandgold Davis IL - ( as Lana Del Rey ) Coolhand Jax - ( as The Cure ) LIVE VISUALS :: Stranger Liquids FOOD POPUP :: Slides 'N Fries 🔪Cult Bar Drinks 🩸Props & Decor from Gram of Horrors 😵FREE ________________________ Let us take u to Hall🟠ween with Return of the "Highland Park Hellbender" Grisly, Intense, Lit: this that house show they didn’t want u 2 see 🎴COSTUMES ENFORCED There is a hell. This is worse

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