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Elif Bet: June!💛

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NOTE: To approve your RSVP, please Venmo $5 to @theelifcollective. Thank you! ✨Welcome to Elif Bet✨ Every month, we're gathering the Elif community in a cozy space in NYC to hear a new play. We’re so excited to bring you a brand new, full-length piece by the wonderful Anjali Ramakrishnan—join us for a reading of “Flower Girl(s)”! Come along for friends, snacks, dancing, and, of course, the story! About the playwright… 🌸 Anjali enjoys writing *unproduced* plays and screenplays about flowers and dunkin donuts and orcas and ukuleles and podcast bros and regency dating retreats and other things no one asked for. She will be attending The London School of Economics for her MSc in Sociology this fall and hopes to study surveillance on artists and continue writing things no one asked for About the play... 🌸 A cultural tradition of making and selling flowers and garlands meets a mother and her 26 year old daughter in the US, who try to bring it to their local flea market amidst constant tensions over the future, dreams gone awry, mourning, and people upset with their lattes and/or their eyebrows. CW: Racism and mentions of death. See you there! 💛 *If your RSVP is not approved for any reason, your Venmo payment will be refunded. If your RSVP is approved, payments are non-refundable. **By attending this event you consent to, and grant The Elif Collective and its agents the right to: (i) photograph, videotape, and record your image, voice and likeness and (ii) to disclose, edit, use, publish and store the same publicly and on social media for commercial/promotional purposes without prior review or approval and without receipt of additional consideration, and you release The Elif Collective, its directors, agents and employees from all claims, demands and liabilities in connection therewith

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