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BM x Gotham: 'If You Could Do It All Again'

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​Join the Bright Moments community at Gotham for a showcase and live minting of 'If You Could Do It All Again’ by Nicole Vella. Reminder that a photo ID is required to enter! If You Could Do It All Again is this month's Artist in Residence project. It is a generative open edition collection that can only be throughout the month of August. Time moves forward, and although it can seemingly pause, it can never move in a different direction. However, the way we experience time is cyclical. Year after year, month after month, day after day, our lives seem to happen in loops. No matter what paths we take in life, sometimes we end up right back where we started. In If You Could Do It All Again a simple 2D grid of colors is blended, reflected, and refracted through a rotating glass-like structure in 3D space. With a slow and hypnotic motion causing the viewer to stop and focus on the canvas. Their experienced time is, in a sense, paused; a contradiction to the moving image in front of them. If You Could Do It All Again is coded in GLSL and Javascript within a single fragment shader, using a technique known as Raymarching. Each pixel reacts to the mathematics and logic within the shader software. Programming a system to carefully color every point on the canvas. ​Gotham is a new, artfully curated cannabis concept store. The two-story retail and gallery space designed by Cinema Vitae features Gotham-branded products, premium cannabis, fashion and lifestyle brands, as well as art exhibitions in a beautifully designed environment. Please note that IDs will be checked upon entry.

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