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This event is a part of #TechWeek - a week of events hosted by VCs and startups to bring together the tech ecosystem.” BLCK UNICRN is a hub for episodic visual albums, immersive experiences, and personalized perks for fans. More details on our exclusive LA Tech Week immersive visual album experience prototype below: An invitation from Roy Midas, the most successful venture capitalist of all time, leads you to another dimension. As you search among his memories using BLCK UNICRN's AR technology, you’ll discover the long lost pieces of his soul and crack his infamous VC thesis. Save humanity and join a one of a kind community of artists, technologists, and founders during this unforgettable immersive visual album experience! Sign up for the BLCK UNICRN beta. Benefits of signing up include: -Access to a mind blowing 2-hour episodic visual album (features hip hop verses and beats from prominent VCs and founders in the global tech ecosystem) -Access to 3 augmented reality exhibits (smart phone enabled) -Ability to access our live immersive visual album experiences in Berkeley and Los Angeles -Earn life changing perks and benefits from the BLCK UNICRN community (6500+ tech founders and investors; Perks are personalized based on the user) 🙂

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