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UNDO Spotlight: A Showcase of Supported Projects

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UnionDocs is thrilled to invite you to a night celebrating the incredible artists supported by our Fiscal Sponsorship Program! Come through and tune into a special showcase of work with the following artists in attendance: Jessica Bardsley, Caroline Key, Mark Mori, Catalina Alvarez, A.S.M Kobayashi, Nathan Kensinger and Nate Dorr! Their work spans rich conceptual terrains – from an ode to nocturnal life, contemporary classroom power dynamics, creative interventions into changing natural landscapes, legacies of South Korea’s postcolonial modernization, a multilingual travel-series, the power relationship between Starbucks owners and workers, and a creative transformation of a family’s WWII internment file, this night has much to offer! This is a free community event. Come through and toast these pioneering artists and their budding projects!

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