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Slippery When Wet - Betsy's Bday Edition!!!!

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We are back, with the second installment.... of.... Betsy Carroll’s Slippery When Wet!! Comedy, Music, and Sex Therapy by MERMAIDS Live Comedy!! Live Sex Therapy!! And... yes… Real Live MERMAIDS!!!!! Join us for a live taping of Slippery When Wet! - a comedy / music / variety show from the whimsically wet mind of Betsy Carroll. Mermaids have always resonated for Machine Learning Engineer & Stand-up Comic Betsy Carroll. Just like Ariel, she is a spoiled daddy’s girl, a hoarder, she likes to put on a show and brush her hair… and she has often been attracted to unavailable guys! The way she sees it, what’s hotter than a guy who would literally die (of drowning) if he tried to come over to your place? Hard to get much?!?!?! Swo0o0on. Betsy’s mom, Sex Therapist/Artist Barbara Bartlik, M.D., is delighted, amused, and occasionally alarmed by the aquatic and chaotic diva she created. Betsy’s pals, Lawyer/Singer Meghna Prasad and Comic/Actress Kate Robards, are just as wacky and multi-talented as Betsy… not to mention just as hard to pin down (we may have to nail dese girls fins to da floor). All of them will be performing at Slippery When Wet… dressed as mermaids of course!! We encourage the audience to dress on theme as well: come as mermaids, pirates, sailors, that sexy water guy from the shape of water… the world is your oyster! So dive in for a sea-riously good time filled with laughter, music, and maybe a splash of magical madness! It's sure to be a fin-tastic evening you won't want to miss! 🧜‍♀️🎤🌊 TO RESERVE YOUR SLOT: Simply RSVP to this event. Tickets are $20 each, you may venmo Betsy: @Beatrix-Carroll (or just reach out to one of us and we can work out another way if Venmo is not your thing)

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