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Moving it up to Thursday, December 14 to beat the holiday tsunami! We'll be meeting at the Aloft in the St. Elmo District, XYZ Bar. If you travel a lot for work, you are probably familiar. :) Speaker 1: Mohamed Khalifa, Co-Founder & CEO of an AI startup aimed at transforming radiology reporting (YC '24). Makers, builders, thinkers, healers, and just interested, come on over! The manifesto is here: What makes Health Tech ATX different: *We are supporters first, and competitors second (or third). All feedback should be supportive and constructive. We're here to get better *together.* *In-person gatherings whenever possible *Participants at minimum should be committed to the Triple Aim in healthcare: reducing cost, improving quality, and making care more patient-focused *Minimal or no cost to participate *No gatekeeping - all are welcome This is just a start. We expect the organization to grow and evolve

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