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LLM x Law Hackathon #2 @Stanford

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As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize industries across the globe, the legal sector is no exception. LLMs, a foundation model capable of understanding and generating natural language text, have the potential to transform legal research, contract analysis, dispute resolution, and much more. This hackathon hopes to build solutions that consider the safe and trustworthy integration of LLMs for legal work. Join us for the second edition of the LLM x Law Hackathon! Bigger, Better and More Daring than the first ;) This hackathon will have 2 tracks: Technical: This is your typical hackathon style submission – show off your dev skills using the most cutting edge AI tools as you build & ship the best legal hack possible! Non Technical: Non-technical builders and legal professionals, this track is for you! Bring your ideas to life using no/low-code tools and/or offer new legal solutions for issues of copyright and IP. We’re excited to see strategic and original work – and we hope you learn some hacker tricks along the way. Hosted by: Stanford Center for Legal Informatics ( Opening Ceremonies: Aparna Sinha - Pear VC Keynote Speakers: - Pablo Arredondo, Casetext Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer - Steve Gong, Google Head of Data Science, Technology, and Operations Key Collaborator: GenAI Collective Sponsors: Atticus AI Sparring Google Wolfram AXA Cohere Vectara Together Judged by: Chen Li - Stanford Alpaca Eno Reyes - Danielle Benecke - Baker McKenzie Shreya Rajpal - Guardrails AI John Nay - Nomos AI Yi Ding - LlamaIndex Pablo Arredondo - Casetext Stephen Caines - City of San Jose Mallun Yen - Operator Collective Neel Guha - Stanford University Xander Song - Arize AI Jay Mandal - Stanford Sam Tyner-Monroe - DLA Piper Mentors: Bogdana Rakova - Mozilla Ibrahim El-chami - Mostar Ventures Aqeel Ali - Cerebral Valley Leo Park - cartiga Campbell Hutcheson - Nomos AI Xander Song - Arize AI David Zeng - Butler Labs Matt Noe - Butler Labs Sam Tyner-Monroe - DLA Piper Sankeerth Rao Karingula - Atticus AI Reuben Youngblom - MIT/Stanford

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