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Civic Tech'ish NYC - July

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Connect with like-minded individuals who are passionate about improving government services for all. Whether you're a civic tech practitioner working within or adjacent to the public sector or curious about how to leverage technology'ish skills for the public interest, this event is for you. Come and share your personal civic tech wins, challenges, and ideas! Note: By participating, you agree to uphold our Code of Conduct: -Be respectful of others. This includes respecting people's opinions, experiences, and identities. -Be inclusive. Our spaces and events are for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability. -Be professional. This means any inappropriate behavior, such as sexual harassment, bullying, or discrimination will not be tolerated. -Be a representative of yourself and not an organization that you work for. This includes not pitching or selling products or services to others. See the full Code of Conduct:

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