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AI for Organizing & Campaigns Hackathon

Hosted by Cooperative Impact Lab
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Attending? Join our WhatsApp group! *** DOORS OPEN AT 8:30am *** Join us for the first AI for Organizing & Campaigns Hackathon to bring together people in progressive technology and politics to prototype new ideas. We’re gathering 100+ developers, designers, organizers, and campaigners to find innovative uses of generative AI, culminating in a public demo showcase. •• Why an AI Hackathon? •• Hackathons are focused, experimental events for strategists, technologists, and allies to collaborate on rapid solutions. We’re organizing this hackathon to clarify the promise and limits of generative AI for progressive organizing and campaigns, and to advance new ideas and teams. •• Who is this for? •• This hackathon is for people exploring the potential of generative AI to advance progressive causes, promote civic engagement, and find applications for rapid deployment and testing in organizing and campaigns. We invite anyone interested in helping nonprofits, campaigns, and social movements by leveraging AI in practical, responsible ways.

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