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Bottoming For Jesus | Sat 8PM

Hosted by Family Affairs Studio
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$25 per person
“Sanford Meisner taught that 'Acting is living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.' and I consider my conversion as a closeted gay teenager to Mormonism to be “my greatest work of performance art to date”. I lived their wild beliefs as truth because I desperately needed stability and belonging. The price? My authenticity.” Bottoming For Jesus is about the lengths we go to in order to belong. It’s about self acceptance, finding w(hole)ness, and the futility and necessity of seeking purpose at the end of the world. With direction by award-winning performer, educator, and creator Spenser Theberge, and music direction and original arrangements by musical theater and cabaret veteran Jeremiah Ginn, Bottoming For Jesus is a bold, hilarious celebration of authenticity, resilience, and the power of storytelling to heal and transform. Written and Performed by Michael R. Holt Directed by Spenser Theberge Music Direction by Jeremiah Ginn Produced by Family Affairs Studio This performance will take place in the Black Box Studio at LINT Studios. Please enter via the building lobby doors on Hope Street.

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