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ROUND 2 DETAILS HERE - -------------------------------------------- This Thursday you are cordially invited to the first ever IYKYK party hosted at Big Pink. The rules are simple & sweet. Please read & respect the guidelines: - ENTRY: In order to enter the space, you have to say the name of the DJs to our security at the door & they will let you in. The DJs spinning are Meftah, Ladylike, & Luis Modelo. If you don’t say the right names, you will be asked to step away, regroup, and prepare to properly enter the space. Once you pass security, the only thing separating you and the party is a $5 cover charge. (21+) - INVITATION: If you’ve received this invitation, it means you are a valuable asset in the creative world. The goal of this event is to create a deeper connection between our DJs and the people in our community. Feel free to share this invite with any friends you believe will positively contribute to the night. All we ask is you don’t openly share the details on social media. Let’s see how far this link can travel. - ARRIVAL: Doors will be open from 8PM until 2AM. There will be a coat check so feel free to dress warm considering Michigan winter is slowly creeping up on us. - BAR: Our bar will be open and operating from 8PM-2AM. Please be patient, respectful & tip accordingly! - FINAL THOUGHTS: In order for this night to be a success, the power is in your hands. Share this event with the right people, and a beautiful night will unfold right before our eyes. Big Pink Loves You

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