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ChillRx | Music NFT Studios No RSVP needed to swing by the studio during the day from 4:00-8:00 pm. Please RSVP for each night-time event here.

Past Events

Fri 6/24 · 9pm ET
ChillRx Presents: Party All the Way to Z3ro
Join the ChillRx team as we wrap up NFT NYC with a bang. Attendees can expect live artist performances, beat making sessions, karaoke, and more. Dont miss out on partying with the web3 music pros, RSVP here!
Hosted by ChillRx
Thu 6/23 · 9pm ET
ChillRx & Squad of Knights: Web3 Music Knight
Get ready for a knight you won’t want to miss. ChillRx and Squad of Knights are hosting a community studio night. 2x Grammy-nominated and 8x Grammy-winning producer IllMind will be there, talking all things web3 and giving our communities exclusive access.
Hosted by ChillRx + Squad of Knights
Wed 6/22 · 8pm ET
ChillRx & Mint Songs: Minty Fresh Sessions
Join us Wednesday at Quad Recording Studios for our first live Minty Fresh Sessions! Meet the Mint Songs team, experience live music performances, live minting sessions, and good vibes. Artist Lineup for the Night: Jazii 9pm AYOTEMI 9:15pm Cam Murdoch 9:30pm Domino 9:45pm BXB LOVE 10:00pm Alec King 10:15pm Sammy Arriaga 10:30pm WYMN 10:45pm DJ SET - Harrison First (11pm) Acoustics by Pat Dimitri Hosted by Nikki Bean Curated by Nick Merich & Jazii Richardson
Hosted by ChillRx & Mint Songs
Tue 6/21 · 8pm ET
ChillRx & Reveel Presents: Definitely Something
ChillRx & Reveel are here to help web3 artists navigate the bear market. You can expect an informative panel, DJ, and an overall fun night full of alpha. The program: - 4pm - 8pm: Studio Session with leading Web3 Music artists (INVITE ONLY) - 9pm - 1am: Open Studio Session "Drop a Verse" (OPEN INVITE - Space limited) - 10pm - 11pm: Panel conversation with BlackDave (OG Music NFT artist) & more - 11pm - 12am: DJ set by Griffter - 12am - 2am: Karaoke Contest - WINNERS GET FREE NFTs If you're trying to get ahead financially in the music NFT space, this is an event you don’t want to miss!
Hosted by ChillRx
Mon 6/20 · 9pm ET
ChillRx & Friends Presents: Holders Hang
We’re kicking off Web3 Music at NFT NYC with a ChillRx & Friends night! Come through Quad Studios in NYC to meet the team, meet the community, and celebrate music in web3 — IRL. You can expect exclusive giveaways, jam sessions, beat battles, freestyle sessions, karaoke, and more.
Hosted by ChillRx