Who is Partiful for?
If you’re sick of Facebook Events, awkward group chats, and screenshotted flyers, Partiful is perfect for you. Create your party page in seconds, with tons of customization options, a photo roll, and endless GIFs and memes to make your party memorable.
Why use Partiful?
Partiful streamlines the process of planning and communicating with guests. It’s great for when you don’t have everyone’s phone numbers or socials, like when you’re inviting friends-of-friends. You get a single link to share on any platform.

Guests RSVP with their phone number, which lets them receive Text Blast updates from you as well as automatic reminders. Everyone who RSVPs can see who else is going (through a setting you control), increasing party attendance and building hype. Everyone can also share photos directly on the party page.

Partiful is also great for:
- listed events (where you want to approve each guest)
- parties when you need to ask questions of guests (e.g. dietary restrictions)
- when you need to collect money via Venmo, CashApp, or PayPal

Our mission is to help foster friendships through social events, so we also make it easy to connect with the people you’re meeting at parties. Add your socials and photo to your Partiful profile so people can get in touch after each event.
What types of parties does Partiful support?
Anything from small dinner parties, to big weekend houseparties, to massive warehouse raves. Anytime you’re trying to coordinate with a group of people, Partiful comes in handy. We support both regular RSVPs as well as listed events that require host approval of each guest.
Do you have an iOS app?
Yes! Download our app here.
Where do Partiful parties happen?
We have party people all over the world. Our company is HQ’ed in NYC, where we power thousands of parties every week. But anywhere parties happen, you can find Partiful — throughout the U.S. and around the world. We support most international phone numbers, so whether you’re clubbing in Berlin, vibing in Sydney, raving in Rio, or celebrating in Seoul, Partiful is there for you.
Do you ever spam my guests?
Definitely not. We only use guests’ numbers for the reasons listed here.
How do you make money?
We plan to offer party add-ons, starting with disposable cameras. Got ideas on products we should feature? Let us know! We don't sell your data to make money (or for any other reason).
Who are you?
We’re a small team of party people who think it should be way easier to plan social events. We represent a wide range of party vibes:
  • Some of us spend the entire day cooking to throw the perfect dinner party.
  • Some of us claim to have invented the term “dayger.”
  • Some of us pregame just to test-drive our mixology skills.
  • Some of us sleep all day so we can stay up all night at warehouse raves.
  • Some of us plan galas as self-care.
  • And some of us are introverts who stand in the corner at our roommates’ houseparties talking to two people the whole night.
All of us work hard every day to make your party experience amazing.
I have ideas/want to collab!
DM or email us!
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Common Questions
How do I invite guests to my event?
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Event Reminders
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About Partiful
Who is Partiful for?
Why use Partiful?
What types of parties does Partiful support?
Do you have an iOS app?
Where do Partiful parties happen?
Do you ever spam my guests?
How do you make money?
Who are you?
I have ideas/want to collab!
Who are y'all?
Do you ever spam my guests?
How do you make money?
I have ideas/want to collab?
Collecting Money
How do I collect money from guests?
What can I use this feature for?
Do you independently verify that guests have paid the correct amount?
I received payment from a guest but their RSVP isn’t showing up on my event!
What happens if I change the payment details (amount, platform, Venmo handle / Cashtag, etc.) after I start sending out invites?
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