How do I make changes to my event?
You can edit your event page at any time, even after sending invites. Just tap the "Edit Invite" button on your event page to edit event details, change your page design, or configure event settings.
How can I limit group size?
Set a maximum capacity for the event and enable an automatic waitlist. If a spot opens up, we'll automatically add the next waitlisted guest and notify them via text.
You can also limit the number of +1 each guest is allowed to bring (under Settings).
How do I add cohosts?
In Settings, you'll see an option to add a co-host.
Anyone you want to add as a co-host must first be a guest of the event (or a past event). If someone is new to Partiful, they will have to first RSVP to your event before you can add them.
Can I hide the guest count on the party page?
Yes, in the Settings panel (under "Edit Event"), you'll see an option to Show/Hide guest count (aka "# Going") on your party page. You can change this at any time.
Do I get notified when someone RSVPs?
Right now, we only text you the first time someone RSVPs. Soon, we'll have a way for you to subscribe to notifications every time someone RSVPs.
How can I export my guest list?
To download a CSV file of your guest list, go to your Guest List and tap the 3 dots in the top right corner. You'll see an option to Export Guest List. You can then choose which type(s) of RSVP you'd like to export.
Do you send automatic event reminders?
Yes! For guests who RSVP "Going", we text reminders the day before the event and 2 hours before the event.If someone RSVPs "Maybe," we'll remind them to finalize their RSVP leading up to the event — 2 weeks before, 1 week before, and 1 day before the event.

You can toggle reminders on/off by going to your event page, tapping "Edit Invite," then going to "Settings":
Can I send my own reminders?
Yes! Hit "Text Blast" → "New Message" to send a text to groups of guests. You can also send a photo along with your message.
How do I collect money from guests?
1. Set a cost per person for the event and enter your Venmo or Cash App handle.

2. When guests RSVP, they'll be linked to Venmo/Cash App to complete the payment.

3. Once they return to Partiful we'll ask them to explicitly confirm that they've paid.
What can I use this feature for?
Collect money for group reservations, dinners, trips, happy hours, venues, party buses, and more! Not sure if it will work for your use case? DM or email us.
Do you independently verify that guests have paid the correct amount?
We can't verify that guests have paid since the money is not transacted through our platform but through Venmo/Cash App. We do ask guests to explicitly confirm that they've paid you.

This feature is designed to help you collect money from people you personally know and trust using tools you already use like Venmo and Cash App. If you're looking for a full-fledged ticketing solution, DM or [email]( us and let us know.
What happens if I change the payment details (amount, platform, Venmo handle / Cashtag, etc.) after I start sending out invites?
Guests who haven't RSVP'ed yet will see the most recent payment details you've entered.For guests who have already RSVP'ed and paid with previous payment details, you'll have to settle any differences manually.
Do you handle refunds?
No, we do not handle refunds. If you have a guest who paid but can't go, you'll have to send the money back to them directly.
Who are y'all?
We're a small team working hard to make your party experience amazing. You can learn more about us here.
Do you ever spam my guests?
Definitely not. We only use guests' numbers to send the notifications mentioned here and here.‍ We will never send marketing texts or anything unrelated to your event.
How do you make money?
We plan to offer party add-ons, starting with disposable cameras. Got ideas on products we should feature? Let us know!We will never sell your data to make money (or for any other reason).
I have ideas/want to collab!
DM or email us!
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About Partiful
Who are y'all?
Do you ever spam my guests?
How do you make money?
I have ideas/want to collab?